Contact & Reservations

* Tapio will be closed for week 43

* Tapio is a reservation only restaurant confirmed, reservations are a must.

* Tapio on ainoastaan pöytävaraus ravintola, vahvistetut varaukset ovat pakollisia.

* Puhumme myös suomea Tapiossa, älä epäröi soittaa tai laittaa sähköpostia.

Email :

 Phone : +358 44 243 1631 Wednesday - Saturday (10:00 - 16:00)

(We will try our best to answer the phone during serving times but its not always possible, please bare with us and we will get back to you)

 Instagram : restaurant_tapio

 Address : Saarisiulantie 16, Posio, Lapland, 97900

*We are located in the grounds of Naali lodge who offers fantastic accommodation please contact to book your room should you be needing accommodation.