* Tapio is a reservation only restaurant, confirmed reservations are a must.

* Tapio on ainoastaan pöytävaraus ravintola, vahvistetut varaukset ovat pakollisia.

* Puhumme myös suomea Tapiossa, älä epäröi soittaa tai laittaa sähköpostia.

About our menu…

Here at Restaurant Tapio we are extremely passionate about working with local foragers, hunters and suppliers. Our menus are seasonal and are constantly changing sometimes daily therefore we offer a set menu that is a surprise as sometimes we our selfs won’t know what the menu will be until that day.


Five Course Menu 62€

* Price includes: Sourdough bread & Hand made butter

Sample menu:

Pike ° Kohlrabi ° Almond ° Sourdough

Egg custard & Garum

Pork belly ° Onion ° Celeriac

Trout ° Apple ° Wild Rice ° Pumpkin Seed ° Cauliflower & Chive

Coffee ° Cep ° Honey Oats ° Meringue

* Unfortunately we are only able to accommodate groups of 6 or less. For private parties please contact the restaurant.

* We offer a vegetarian menu but unfortunately are unable to offer a vegan menu or a menu free of milk protein, we apologise for any inconvenience

* Any allergies please inform us when making your reservation

*Tarvitsemme tiedon ruoka-aineallergioista, kun teette pöytävarausta.

Drinks and Wine

We serve a small selection of natural wines and Finnish beers for information or questions about our selection of drinks and wine please contact the restaurant


For restaurant guests staying the night at Naali lodge breakfast is severed at 9AM in the restaurant.

The price is 16€ per person and must be booked in advance.