Eeva & Antero (Farmers)

Eeva aka “The Queen of Clean” & Antero also known as Mr Mourujarvi are a very important part of Tapio. They work very hard supplying us with some of the best products Lapland has to offer. We are extremely fortunate to have people so passionate towards providing great produce from wild ingredients and berries grown on the farm to without doubt the best reindeers in Lapland. They also supply us with pheasants, all of these incredible products are ones to look out for on our menu.

Tristan (Artwork by Tristan)

Tristan is a Parisian artist and all around good guy, we were very fortunate to work with him on our logo. We are extremely happy with the end result it is a “Great success” we appreciate the hard work and time you put in.

Catherine & Thierry (Naali Lodge)

Catherine and Thierry are two of the nicest people you can meet and also the owners of Naali Lodge, a wilderness lodge offering incredible Lapland holidays. We want to say a thank you to our friends and partners for believing in our vision and giving us the space to grow as a restaurant and people.

Friends and Family

To all friends and family past and present. We are extremely privileged to have so much love and support from all of you everyday you inspire us to work hard and to continue to live our dream. You know who you are, we are forever grateful.

The people….

This is an acknowledgement to all the people past and present who have offered negative energy towards us and our vision. We truly thank you, with out this we may not be here today. We used this energy to fuel us and keep us going in the pursuit to show what is possible if you work hard enough. Thank you.